VIDEO: Humpback whales arrive in Mazatlán and give a beautiful show

A beautiful marine spectacle is the one offered by the ´giants of the seas´, better known as the Humpback whales, that as of December 8 they visit the Mexican Pacific. In these waters they procreate or give birth to their young, for later return to the west coast of the United States.

Onca Exploraciones experts hope they are in the region of Mazatlan until the end of March 2022. Know how often these whales visit the Sinaloan city and when the sighting begins.

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Mazatlan coasts receive whales

These gigantic marine cetaceans travel from Canadian waters during the cold or winter season to be able to take refuge in warmer waters, migrating to Mexican waters ranging from the Gulf of Baja California to Oaxaca and evidently passing through the coasts of Sinaloa, as is the Mazatlan city.

There is a perfect season where humpback whale sightings occur, giving a unique show that nature offers you. Mazatlán, known as the Pacific’s pearl welcomes these aquatic animals with open arms this 2021 and there are the experts, as well as the inhabitants to give them the best stay.

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Where does the whale voyage start from?

The migration of whales start in the Bering Sea even the waters of the Mexican Pacific, they do this because the waters get cold and they have to travel to avoid suffering, it is worth mentioning that the waters of the Mexican Republic take them as their temporary homes. An interesting fact is that, during the visit, they reproduce, since they mate and later give the necessary food to their young to start their return journey.

When does the humpback whale watching season start in Mazatlán?

From December to March is the period that these cetaceans remain in the waters of the Mexican Pacific. Marine specialists eagerly await these species to take care of them, so there are tours in the city of Mazatlán that provide this experience and are aware of the care of them.

If you want to visit this beautiful show, it is recommended that you advise that those who will give you the tour have a certification or otherwise it could be illegal and even dangerous. Take care of the habitat of these animals and respect their visit.