VIDEO: In Afghanistan there is a new explosion near the Kabul airport

A new explosion took place near the Kabul International Airport, in Afghanistan, where international forces carry out the final phase of evacuations, which has been on alert for the threat of new terrorist attacks after the massacre last Thursday.

The explosion this Sunday took place in Khawja Bughra, hitting a house in the area near the airport in the Afghan capital.

According to the first reports indicate that a minor died after the explosion, official sources informed the Efe agency.

The explosion was caused by “a rocket that hit a house in the 15th district of the capital,” said Qari Rashed, a Kabul Police officer, who indicated that a civilian was killed in the incident. The victim was a child, the police chief said without adding more details.

This new explosion comes after President Joe Biden and the US embassy in Kabul gave notice of “credible” and “specific” threats. near the airport in the Afghan capital, so citizens were again asked to leave the air “immediately”.

It also comes on a day when the US president honors the 13 soldiers killed after the first explosions in Kabul.

With information from Efe.

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