VIDEO: In social networks they ‘kill’ Vicente Fernández and his son denies it

VIDEO: In social networks they ‘kill’ Vicente Fernández and his son denies it

More than a month after the famous singer was admitted to the hospital Don Vicente Fernandez, the musician originally from Jalisco, Mexico sHe still struggles with his life, but on social networks users have spread other news about an alleged death of the interpreter of “Volver, Volver”.

Vicente Fernandez Jr Before the knowledge of the false news, he spoke through a video and said that it is not true that his father died. “For all the general public and the media, there is news on the Internet that my father has just passed away, that news is false”.

It was on September 6 the day that the last medical report was published on the official networks of “Charro de Huentitan”, where they report on the health of the interpreter of “One million springs”.

Contrary to what is published on the Internet, doctors mention that the Mexican idol has remained stable with a stationary evolution. “Mainly in relation to his neurological condition and thus mobility”.

Vicente Fernández, 81, continues in the intensive care area under close medical supervision, is stable, awake and without medications that affect his condition.. Experts announced that she continues with a tracheostomy and depends on medical support to breathe intermittently.

They also announced that he presents mild inflammation in his airways due to association with assisted respiration, feeding is through a gastrostomy tube due to inability to swallow.

The Fernández family has expressed hope in the speedy recovery of the Mexican interpreter and they point out that fans must heed the official information that is issued by Fernández’s team.


During the first days of uncertainty, Vicente Fernández Jr. gave the media a few minutes to talk about his father’s state of health. In the images he appeared with his girlfriend, Mariana González, popularly known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian.”

However, for a few weeks, the model and businesswoman has stayed away from Vicente Fernández’s state of health, as she enjoys a spectacular vacation from the beautiful landscapes of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo.

In front of his more than 800 thousand followers, “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” He has shared photographs modeling spectacular vacations from Cancun, something that has generated speculation about whether he maintains his link with the Fernández Dynasty.

In the images we see the model show off her enviable figure with attractive bikinis, which fit her perfectly or at least that is what the thousands of comments she receives on the different digital platform assure.

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