VIDEO: Itatí Cantoral makes a powerful gesture with the family of Debanhi Escobar and the disappeared of Mexico

Violence in Mexico, as well as insecurity, are increasing every day and the most recent case of the young woman from Monterrey, Debanhi Escobar is the proof. Given this event, many celebrities have taken a position on the matter, mainly women who are mothers and are concerned about the future that Mexico is preparing for young women today.

Among the celebrities who made known their outrage at Debanhi’s death, Itati Cantoral stands out, who stated that she is very sorry for the death of the 18-year-old student. In an interview for ‘First Hand’, Itati Cantoral explained that Debanhi’s case had a great impact on her life, to the extent that he would really like to tattoo her name.

For now, the actress who played Silvia Pinal in her bioseries has limited herself to writing “Debanhi” on her right hand with an indelible marker, this as a symbol of the fight for missing women and as a protest against gender violence.

“I’m going to give it the name Debanhi for the whole month because I’m a woman, because I’m Mexican, because I’m a mom, because I work with a foundation that fights for women and for peace in my country and because I feel very sad.”


He assured that despite not being able to feel what Debanhi’s friends and family feel, he shares his pain and, like them, his heart is in mourning. In this sense, Itatí Cantoral pointed out that she would use her presence as a public figure to be with them and raise her voice, “to say that not one more and to say that it is not worth it”.

“Thank God I had never felt insecure, but I cannot be alienated from others, because then I cease to exist. And although I did not have the pleasure of meeting her, I share this misfortune and my heart is in mourning and my house is in mourning and my prayers will go to her and her family.”


What happened to Debanhi Escobar?

More than 15 days ago, the disappearance of the young Mexican woman was reported, who was last seen on the highway to Nuevo Laredo, where she stayed in the middle of the morning after a driver who was in charge of taking her, could not convince her. and took a picture of him in the middle of the road.

After her disappearance, the young woman’s family, as well as Mexican society, began their search despite the irregularities of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office, who reported on the 12th that they had found her body inside a hotel cistern, which they searched. on more than 10 occasions, according to what was revealed by the father of the deceased. Inquiries continue into what led to the death of the 19-year-old girl, but so far the lines of investigation are not so clear.

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