VIDEO: Ivonne Montero and Niurka surprise kissing in ‘The House of Celebrities’

Certainly the second edition of “The House of the Famous” it gets more and more hot, because the members have shown themselves with more fire as is the case with the Mexican Yvonne Montero and the Cuban Niurka Marcoswho with a kiss that left more than one shocked during the last hours in the Telemundo reality show.

The ex-wife of Juan Osorio took out her skills as a teacher and gave the Mexican dancer and actress a kissing chairwho was embarrassed by the scene, but did not feel bad for having given the Cuban a thunderous kiss.

This situation happened during the night while the two of them and other of their companions were talking in the patio of the housewhen suddenly, the request arose from some of the competitors for Ivonne to give Lewis a kiss, with whom in recent days a more than friendly relationship has been forged.

Montero did not agree at first instance and looked visibly embarrassed by the very idea of ​​kissing Lewis in public, however, Niurka was in charge of detonating the request and so that Ivonne did not feel embarrassed, she “helped” her with a kiss on the mouth and then things changed.

The protagonist of “El Tigre de Santa Julia” agreed to kiss with the Cuban and once the sorrow was removed, then yesIt was for her gallant that she planted a rich kiss on the lips before the festive attitude of her companions.

Both Montero and Lewis have been the subject of conversation in recent daysboth are single and without commitments and in the absence of love and caresses within the house, the two have shown that they can be something more already being out of the competition.

The romance between the two arose after Ivonne got involved with the model and actor Eduardo Rodríguezwhom he publicly unmasked inside the house, after the model (and father of Vanessa Guzmán’s son) ranted against Ivonne.

While, on Lewis’s side, he has been a victim of the machismo of his colleagues due to the relationship he has with Montero and Niurka the fans do nothing but thank her for continuing to give a show, since between her and Laura Bozzo they are in charge of the controversy and the scandal in the house.

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