VIDEO: Ivonne Montero breaks down in tears in “The House of Celebrities” and explodes against Eduardo Rodríguez for denying their romance

The second edition of “The House of the Famous” It is still hot, because the confinement begins to put some feelings to the surface, as is the case of the film and television actress, Yvonne Monterowho brought out the most sensitive side before Eduardo Rodríguez, a partner with whom he shares the four walls of this reality show.

this time The actress of “El Tigre de Santa Julia” told the actor directly that for a time they had a relationship and it was kept in the shadows so as not to affect him with another relationship I was in at the time.

The discussion between the two could be seen in front of the cameras, after Ivonne herself approached actress Vanessa Guzmán’s exto claim his sayings that he issued the “Only for women” model at another time of coexistence inside the house and precisely in front of other contestants, saying that his previous girlfriends were single mothers and that he would not be with a woman who had children .

This statement ignited Ivonne’s spirits and therefore she approached the model directly to confront him about his words.especially related to a relationship that both had for years, the same relationship that did not come to light because Eduardo conveniently asked Ivonne to keep it a secret so as not to affect another “more formal” relationship that he had with other women.

“My ex-girlfriends have children and she always ended up becoming very fond of me and I have always had that sadness that I am not with my daughter as I would like. Look, I really talked about it, because I had never talked about it with anyone, I had never opened it with anyone, I opened it because there is a story, because it represents something…”


This statement came out because both had a secret relationship and according to what Ivonne said, Eduardo was not interested in anything other than having intimate encounters with herwhile he spent “formalizing” with other women and to close the triangle, it has been seen that another of his companions, the model Daniella Navarro, has subtly approached Eduardo to start a love relationship and from behind he finds out what What is Yvonne talking about?

The relationship between Montero and Rodríguez has given a lot to talk about this week and everything was discovered thanks to Laura Bozzo’s “detecting eye”who was the first to realize that between them there was something more than a simple competition for the prize.

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