VIDEO: Jorge Salinas is afraid of staying in a wheelchair and blessed to be alive

The world of entertainment is not exempt from health problems, and such is the case of the Mexican actor Jorge Salina, who, due to the serious health problem in the lumbar back that he faces, revealed that he is having a very bad time; however, he confessed that he feels very lucky to be alive.

During the red carpet of the movie ‘Sex, modesty and tears 2″, The 53-year-old actor said he was grateful for having the opportunity to be with the press and his audience, and explained that 11 years ago, he had a pulmonary embolism, where 99 percent of people who suffer from it die, so feel like a blessed person.

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago the artist stated that he was evaluating the possibility of undergoing surgery to combat the pain that afflicts his back, this time Salinas revealed that he rejected this option for fear of being left without movement in his entire body.

“At the moment I prefer not to do it, you can become paralyzed in any spinal operation, that is definitive, right? There are four levels, and I prefer to take alternative therapies to be able to deal with that problem. It’s a problem that I let go for a long time, falls from a horse, falls from a motorcycle, so what do I tell you?


Finally, Elizabeth Álvarez’s husband explained that, although he has resorted to different treatments and even marijuana, none of them have helped him with his problem.

“In swimming, in getting in line, controlling your weight… I put pills and others, and the pain persisted and persisted. Yes, I have tried cannabis in some droplets suddenly, but no, not even morphine does me”.


Jorge Salinas seeks to look better than ever

Jorge Salinas announced that after finishing his participation in the telenovela SOS I’m falling in love, he will start a strict diet to lose those extra kilos.

“I have an issue there, in the lower back, but it is nothing serious, that is, if there are some issues of surgery recommendations and not. Surgeons tell me ‘it’s time now’, there are others who tell me ‘wait a bit’, but what you have to do first is be at peace”explained the artist during his meeting with the press at the end of the recordings of the aforementioned melodrama.

Likewise, Jorge Salinas shared details of what he will do to show off a better figure: “Finally I am going to be on a diet to lose weight, the producer allowed me to be overweight in this project, I wanted to do it not as a Paralympic, but as a human being with more defects than virtues, and well, now I think it is time to start doing therapy to rehabilitate this lower back, start swimming and other things that are allowed”.

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