VIDEO: Juanes and his comical reaction to listening to Mafer Walker, the astrologer who speaks the alien language


Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Images

Tremendous stir caused the singer Juanes after a video surfaced in which his reaction to Mafer Walker is capturedthe astrologer who went viral on networks for her alleged ability to communicate with aliens.

Sitting on a sofa with his phone in hand, the interpreter of “Camisa Negra” can be seen looking at what would be one of the viral videos of this Colombian who is trending on social networks.

Although during the first seconds of the clip, Juanes remains serious, staring at the cell phone,It is Mafer Walker’s next words that make him burst out laughing. “In all my DNA, I remember my spinal cord, the entire spinal cord. Ania he kina mehika, kina mehika, kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Na hina mehi kah”, the astrologer is heard saying.

For the next few minutes, the singer-songwriter couldn’t help but laugh so he had to cover his mouth with his hand while looking visibly affected by the audiovisual.

“I open my heart, open my heart. Ania he kina mehika, ia ke na hina mehi kah. Ania ke na hina he kina mehika, ia ke na hina ke na hina, mehi kah. I love you with all the love of my heart. From telepathy,” adds Walker.

After concluding his reaction, the Colombian questioned his compatriot’s ability to communicate in three different languages: “In English, in alien and in Spanish?“, he expressed.

As expected, the video shared by the famous did not take long to collect dozens of likes and comments in which users assured that their reaction was the same: “I think that all of us who saw this video, have reacted the same as you”is one of the messages that stands out under the publication.

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