VIDEO: Karol G’s stepsister takes off her clothes and gets into the shower and sets the nets on fire

It is increasingly common for social networks to be used to show attributes and thereby generate controversy. One of them is undoubtedly Katherin Giraldo, the stepsister of Karol G who has become one of the hottest women on the continent with everything she publishes.

Her posts on social networks, where she is all the rage, wreak havoc and more than one has fallen in love with her. From his Instagram images come out that travel the world and raise the surname of “La Bichota”.

Carolina Giraldo, better known as Karol G, is one of the most famous artists in the country and in the world thanks to the success of her songs and the great events in which she has been the protagonist. Her sister Katherine is not far behind and although she does not have the mastery of the stage like her sister, on the web she is just as popular.

It recently went viral as Katherine Giraldo’s stepsister fulfilled one of her dreams and not on stage. It happens that Karol G managed to ride a Formula 1 car. It was in the middle of his vacation in Europe, precisely in Italy. “I am in Maranello, Italy. Ferrari invited me to have a day to test the cars they use in Formula 1, this is a chimba”the Colombian expressed in her stories.

While Karol G enjoys her new achievement, Katherine Giraldo raises the temperatures in social networks. This time she did it on Instagram, when she uploaded two videos through her stories. The first since the shower before taking a bath. While the second, already in the living room of her home dancing with a short shirt that reveals that she was not wearing a bra.

The videos of Katherine Giraldo became viral and more than one must have been able to enjoy the 24 hours in which the content was on the social network of the camera.

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