VIDEO – Karol G’s visit to a boarding school for girls in Colombia: “It was an enriching experience”

“Sharing with them, singing and talking about the beautiful things in life was an incredibly enriching experience,” La Bichota commented.

In early December, Karol G surprised a group of inmates by visiting a women’s prison in Medellín. But in addition to this emotional moment that she lived with in the El Pedregal Prison, the artist wanted to share in the beginning of 2022 that on the same dates she was in a boarding school in her hometown of girls who have been abused.

On her Facebook profile, the Colombian singer published a video that collects images of these two experiences that she lived when she was in Medellín (Colombia), two unforgettable and very emotional visits.

“Remembering these amazing days when I was in my city, Medellín, I had the opportunity to visit a boarding house for girls who have been violated. Sharing with them, singing and talking about the beautiful things in life was an incredibly enriching experience 🌹💖💖💖“, commented the interpreter of “El Makinon” next to the video, in which we see her with dozens of girls at the boarding school.

She sang “Ocean” with them, received their affection, they chatted and the young women also surprised her by creating a choreography for her of the song “Tusa”.

In the second part of the video, she shared moments of her encounter with the inmates of the Pedregal women’s prison.

“I also went to Pedregal Women’s Jail because I believe in second chances 🤞🏽 Because I believe in fact that a heart can transform, grow, learn and start over. We sing, dance, exchange clothes and more than all dreams and goals! I thank God every day for allowing me to do what I do and have the opportunity to bring a little inspiration, love and motivation to others and in the same way receive everything cute that you share me in an unconditional way . . I love you so much 🌹🌹🌹 Thank you always for so much!”, she added in the message she put next to the moving video. 

Carolina Giraldo Navarro – Karol G‘s real name – is one of the most beloved singers in Latin music precisely because of the closeness she transmits and because of her generosity with her fans, which she brings out with great gestures like these that she had at the beginning of December of last year.