Video: Leaked details hint at Peso Pluma and Karol G’s upcoming music collaboration, “Verano Rosa”

Unveiling hints from social media, new duets may emerge as Peso Pluma collaborates with urban singers Karol G and possibly, Belinda.

The music scene has been abuzz recently with speculations about Peso Pluma’s next musical endeavor, expected to be in collaboration with another urban genre vocalist, Karol G. Fueled by the duo’s recent interactions on social media, these rumors have gained momentum and have now been accompanied by leaked details about their potential joint track.

Karol G has successfully positioned herself as a leading international figure in the urban music genre and is among the most-streamed artists worldwide.

Peso Pluma, too, has been climbing the ranks in the music industry, emerging as one of the top-streamed Latin artists internationally, only outperformed by Bad Bunny and Feid.

Collaborative Track on the Horizon?

The individual successes of these two artists seem to have paved the way for a duet. Emerging reports suggest that a joint song, its name, and the album it will be included have been revealed.

Fan accounts dedicated to La Bichota suggest that Karol G, the voice behind the hit song Tusa, plans to drop the deluxe version of her latest album, Mañana será bonito. As is typical, this release will include new tracks in addition to the previously released songs featuring duets with several artists.

This is the unreleased song that has raised suspicions. Credit: IG@karolg

One song that stands out to fans of Hassan Emilio Kabande is Verano Rosa, the speculated duet between the two artists.

In the same vein, artists like Ludmilla, Sky Rompiendo, and Maria Becerra were also mentioned in the line-up, but the names of the tracks featuring these artists remain unknown.

While there has been no official confirmation from either singer about the rumored collaboration, their social media exchanges hint at a mutual interest in working together.

Unveiling the Collaboration Clues

Speculation about Peso Pluma and Karol G’s collaboration was fueled by clues the two artists started sharing on their Instagram profiles.

Karol G was the first to hint at the collaboration, sharing a video with an as-yet-unreleased song playing in the background. The lyrics, “Yesterday I saw you alone, with that pretty face, I talk to you or what mamacita,” were a cause for speculation among fans.

Peso Pluma’s decision to share the same video, complete with a series of suggestive emojis, further ignited speculation. The interaction between the two confirmed fans’ suspicions that there was interest even if they hadn’t started working on a song.

The buzz created by this interaction became so viral that Peso Pluma, who typically remains reserved on social media, removed the temporary story that included the video a few hours later.

Belinda and Peso Pluma: Another Collaboration Brewing?

Beyond the buzz surrounding his potential collaboration with La Bichota, Peso Pluma may join forces with Belinda, as she recently hinted.

On July 3, the Spanish singer informed the Hoy program that she had contacted La Doble P about a potential collaboration. Although reticent about the specifics, she lauded Hassan as a tremendous artist.

“I would love to! I am in contact with him, he is a super artist, and of course, hopefully, something will happen very soon,” the Luz Sin Gravedad singer shared.

In a conversation with Quien magazine, she mentioned her ongoing discussions with the tapatío, though she refrained from diving into details until things became more solid. “I don’t want to give details of that. We are just seeing what to do,” she stated.