VIDEO: “Look at the child how he runs”, little boy is in the middle of a shooting in which hitmen shoot 3 young men

VIDEO: “Look at the child how he runs”, little boy is in the middle of a shooting in which hitmen shoot 3 young men

Child runs for shooting.

Photo: Video capture / Courtesy

Security cameras captured the exact moment when a boy of about three years ran for safety in the middle of an armed attack in which three youngsters were wounded (although one died hours later) in the border municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado, in the state of Sonora on Mexico.

In the video circulating on social networks, three people can be seen outside a house when a vehicle type suddenly approached pickup from where two guys with long weapons got out.

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It was then that the adults ran into the house leaving the child on the sidewalk, between a post and a parked Sedan vehicle, but his survival instinct made him jump a small wall and run after them to escape the bullets. .

“Look at the child how he runs,” people watching the video are heard saying.

The minor was unharmed while two men were injured and taken to a hospital, one more died while receiving medical attention at a private clinic in San Luis Rio Colorado.

It was a young man from 20 years identified like Jesús “N”, while the wounded are Héctor “N”, 18 years old, and Jordan “N”, 21 years old.

Municipal and state police arrived at the scene, as well as personnel from the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) and expert services, who secured 9 mm caliber shot casings for short weapons and .223 caliber for AR-15 rifles.

Municipal Public Security reported that the attack occurred around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday August 28 on Chiapas Avenue in the Campestre neighborhood, but it is until now that the case has gone viral.

Violence in the area

At the beginning of the month, drug traffickers of the Salazar Cartel, shot a family in the same municipality and They murdered a woman in addition to her 5-year-old daughter.

The events occurred when the family was driving down the avenue Quintana Roo between streets 44 and 45, Progreso neighborhood aboard his Jeep Gladiator-type vehicle when armed subjects fired their weapons against a man, the woman and the 5-year-old little girl.

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