VIDEO: Maki confesses that she hallucinated Jacky Bracamontes for this powerful reason

The world of soap operas is full of stories of love and misunderstandings, and proof of this were the recent statements of one of the spoiled villains of youth melodramas, Maki Soler.

On the YouTube channel, Montse & Joe, a show that has become one of the most famous for presenting interesting interviews with different celebrities. On this occasion Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade were invited to Maki Mogilevskyex-partner of the heartthrob of the soap operas, Juan Soler.

In addition to touching on various personal issues such as dating applications and mutual friendships, he talked about the relationship he had with Valentino Lanús; however, things did not prosper and they ended up breaking up. To his bad luck, they were put as a couple in the telenovela “The game of life” and he ended up “hallucinating” Jacky Bracamontes because she was his current partner.

It should be noted that Jacky and Lanús lasted several years together and there was even talk of a weddingbut it was a sudden thunder that shocked the entertainment world because they were one of the spoiled couples in the world of Hispanic entertainment, and to date the reasons that led to their breakup are unknown.

Between laughs and a bad performance, the villain of the “Game of Life”, Maki recalled that her partner Sara Maldonado ended up becoming her cloth of tears, because with her she vented her pain for being distanced from the soap opera heartthrob. The actress even ended up calling Lanús, but she did not reveal what she told her.

Luckily for Maki, love found it in Juan Soler, but it was not easy, because Sara Maldonado had to convince her to accept the actor’s invitation to go out. She even revealed that she asked her friend and co-worker to accompany her, but she ended up going alone.

In the end, everything turned out well between countrymen, because they got married in the distant 2003 and as a result of their love they had two daughters: Mía and Azul Soler. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as expected and 18 years later they put an end to their relationship. Despite the fact that they separated, they have managed to perfect their relationship to support their offspring at all.

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