VIDEO: Maluma Sparks Outrage for Slapping Fan During Don Juan World Tour Concert

Public reaction against Maluma intensifies after a video reveals him slapping a fan and throwing the individual's cell phone

Singer Maluma is at the epicenter of public scrutiny as a video circulates on social media capturing him striking a fan at a recent concert. The incident occurred while Maluma was mingling with concertgoers during a stop on his ‘Don Juan World Tour.’ The video shows the fan touching Maluma’s arm in an apparent attempt to greet him—an action that elicited an aggressive response from the singer.

This isn’t the first instance where the Colombian singer has displayed contentious behavior towards his audience. Maluma’s previous efforts to engage more closely with his fans have occasionally veered into problematic territory. However, this recent incident stands out as the fan’s action seemed unprovocative, thereby intensifying the backlash against the artist.

Maluma slaps a fan in concert.

Details of the Incident

Accompanied by his security team, Maluma is seen in the viral video walking among the crowd. When a fan reached out and touched his arm, the singer’s demeanor changed abruptly. In a move that stunned both attendees and viewers alike, Maluma slapped the fan and even threw his cell phone.

Criticism against Maluma has been swift and harsh, as the video does not suggest any inappropriate behavior from the fans. Notably, Maluma has yet to issue a statement regarding the incident, leaving many questions unanswered.

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Maluma’s Personal Life Amidst the Controversy

In unrelated news, Maluma recently announced that he is expecting a baby girl with his girlfriend, Susana Gomez. Named Paris, their soon-to-be daughter adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing controversy. Gomez, who is a successful architect, has been in a relationship with Maluma since 2020 and remains out of the entertainment spotlight.

Maluma announced that he will become a dad.

Whether this recent debacle will impact Maluma’s career or personal life is still up in the air, but what is certain is that the singer has stirred a pot that was already simmering.