VIDEO: Man goes viral when he receives a fake ticket with the face of Juan Gabriel

Banknote counterfeiting in Mexico is not a new issue, Despite the constant change in design that the authorities promote, with different sizes, colors and printed with images of national heroes, artists, historical figures, national events or the cultural and natural heritage of the country, however, a particular case has recently been experienced.

A man got a big surprise When discovering the face of a peculiar character on a $50 pesos ($2.4 dollars) bill, it was neither more nor less than “El Divo de Juárez”, Juan Gabriel, Mexican idol and considered one of the best singer-songwriters with the greatest success in Latin America.

The user identified as @edgardlcdk in his social networks, shared on TikTok the way in which he was scammed by receiving a ticket that should have the face of the so-called Servant of the Nation, José María Morelos y Pavón and not that of Juan Gabriel.

“Chale gang, they just gave me a fake bill. All for not reviewing it at the moment. As I check it right now, with its little windows, its butterflies and when I turn it over, this guy is Juan Gabriel, ”says Alan Vargas, the scammed boy, in his video.

The video named as “They gave me a very rare rare ticket” It reached more than 5,200,000 views in just one day and has caused such controversy that there are users who offer different amounts of money for the peculiar ticket.

In addition to the money offers, the rain of comments continues, among which you can read: “Prize or punishment?”, “It is for exclusive use in Noa Noa”, “You turn it over and I have no money or anything to give”, most of them are allusive to the songs of the idol Mexican.

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