VIDEO: Man who used a bow and arrow to steal a vehicle was shot by police

VIDEO: Man who used a bow and arrow to steal a vehicle was shot by police

The subject intended to steal two more vehicles, but could not.

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Atlanta police are holding in custody a subject who stole a car from a woman and who wielded a bow and arrow to threaten the victim, and was arrested after a confrontation with officers in Marietta, Georgia, authorities said.

Agents were called for a carjacking after 6:00 am (local time), and they received the information that a man who matched the suspect’s profile had stolen a truck Toyota Camry 2014 a woman, the Atlanta police department reported.

The robbery victim indicated that the man was armed with a bow and arrow when he approached her while he was inside his vehicle.. He shot one of the arrows at the windshield and demanded that he get out of the vehiclethe police said.

Investigators learned that a man who matched the description of the suspect in the kidnapping, and was also armed with a bow and arrow. It was revealed that he tried to kidnap two motorists before he stormed the Toyota Camry.

As Atlanta police continued their investigations, they received a report of a car accident on Powder Springs Street, indicating that the driver of the crashed vehicle had pointed a bow and arrow at the officers, which started an armed confrontation.

At least one of the officers fired his weapon at the subject with the bow and arrow and managed to neutralize him with a shot that made him fall to the ground.

Later, Cobb and Marietta cops were able to arrest the suspect, identified as Trent andrew emory, a 29-year-old man who resided in Canton County, and who after being hit by a bullet, was taken to a hospital, where according to reports, he is stable.

Marietta police confirmed that a vehicle had crashed into a bridge, and it was the same Toyota Camry that he had stolen from the woman.

After these events, there was a communication with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to inquire about the shooting that involved the suspect with the police.

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