VIDEO: María León suffers a painful incident while trying to be sexy on the beach

Mary Leon Not only has she become a great singer since she ventured into music with Playa Limbo and later tried her luck as a soloist, I bet it has turned out quite well, but she has also positioned herself as a “sex symbol”, because in recent years She has been one of the most sought-after artists on social networks, but she is because she is one of the most beautiful and most talented in Hispanic entertainment.

On this occasion, the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco became a trend in social networks after she suffered an “accident” on the beach where you are spending your family vacations. León has succeeded in music because he has worked very hard, he is a former vocalist of “T ‘de Tila” and “Playa Limbo”.

And if that was not enough, She has also ventured as an actress: in 2016, she made her debut as an actress participating in the series Guerra de idols, from Telemundo and Netflix.but she also participates in theater, has a solo career and constantly participates as a host in musical programs.

For a few days, María León has uploaded photos on the beach and in the pools, but she has not revealed where she is, since she apparently wants to enjoy her vacation in private with her parents, Mr. José Manuel de Jesús León, and her mother, María Elizabeth Herrera. . Now he shared a photo and a video to make the “expectation and reality” trend at the seaside.

In the first photo she looks very sensual posing, but in the video you can see how a wave swept her away, although she did not suffer a serious fall and only laughed. As expected, the fans of the Jalisco quickly commented that she looked spectacular

There is no doubt that María is one of the queens of Instagram, since it is one of the social networks that dominates the most, whenever she uploads content, it is filled with compliments in a matter of seconds.. She has a great body thanks to pole dancing, a type of dance with which she has managed to gain strength and skill.

But it’s not perfect because he also gets involved in controversies, like a few days ago, when he defended Yuri, since the LGBTTTIQA+ community demanded that he call himself an allybut has not questioned her friend for the homophobic comments she has made.

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