Video: Mexican Jeanette Zacarías convulsed in the ring after a ruthless attack

Video: Mexican Jeanette Zacarías convulsed in the ring after a ruthless attack

After debuting in 2018 as a boxer, the Mexican Jeanette Zacarías Zapata had his first international experience in Canada and left some of the most disturbing images in the world of boxing. He was punished by local Marie Pier Houle and ended up convulsing.

He is barely 18 years old and last Saturday he was part of the undercard of the GYM Gala Boxing event held in Montreal. It was the last 10 seconds of the fourth round when Pier Houle accurately landed a combination of punches to the Guadalajara’s face and the fight was immediately stopped.

The doctors, seeing that something was wrong, went to treat her and in a matter of seconds she began to convulse on the ring of the IGA Stadium. Two more rounds to go, because the fight was until the sixth round.

The promoter of the fight, Yvon Michel, issued a statement about the health stadium of the Mexican Jeanette Zacarías Zapata: “Her coach and boyfriend, boxer Jovanni Martínez, and two representatives of Groupe Yvon Michel are with her,” reported that her situation was critical, but stable.

Marie-Pier Houle, Zacarías Zapata’s rival boxer, also sent a message of concern.

“The events of yesterday move me deeply. Boxing has its risks and dangers. This is our job, our passion. I never, but never, intended to seriously injure my opponent. My sincere thoughts go out to Jeannette Zacarías Zapata, as well as her family. I wish with all my heart that he recovers ”, reads the text.

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