VIDEO: Mexico will decriminalize abortion after historic Supreme Court decision

VIDEO: Mexico will decriminalize abortion after historic Supreme Court decision
This decision is expected to be replicated in other states of the country.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) of Mexico declared institutional the penalization of women who abort in the first stage of pregnancy and recognized the right to decide in this situation.

This measure was taken unanimously by the ministers of the plenary session of the SCJN, in which they invalidated Article 196 of the penal code of the state of Coahuila that imposed from one to three years in prison to any woman who aborted voluntarily.

“There is no place within the jurisprudential doctrine of this Constitutional Court a scenario in which women and people with childbearing capacity cannot plan the dilemma of continuing or interrupting their pregnancy,” he argued. Luis Maria Aguilar, Minister of the Supreme Court.

This decision has had an immediate impact on the country due to the unequal access to abortion due to the laws of the different states. It had only been decriminalized in four of the 32 states, which were Mexico City, Oaxaca, Hidalgo and Veracruz.

However, due to a challenge made by the now defunct Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) against him Penal Code of Coahuila in 2017, the SCJN was able to declare unconstitutional that the woman who aborts and the health personnel who are involved should be penalized.

Activists in favor of abortion have celebrated this ruling at the national level, being one of the most important days in the struggle of this movement.

“Today the threat of prison that weighed on people who decide to voluntarily interrupt their pregnancy is banished”Aguilar added during the speech for the ruling.

He also declared that as a society they have taken an important step to add votes in favor of human rights for the decision taken this Tuesday.

“We showed that together we can add to the human rights of Mexican women and men. For this reason, based on this decision, our country, in this Constitutional Court, has raised the rank of the protection of human rights to one of its greatest extensions, ”he said.

This decision only invalidates the penal code of Coahuila, but it marks the beginning of a massification process in favor of abortion in the other states of the country.

Likewise, it seeks to imply “the guarantee that women or pregnant persons who so decide can interrupt their pregnancy in public health institutions in an accessible, free, confidential, safe, expeditious and non-discriminatory manner,” declared the lawyer and minister. of the Supreme Court, Norma Piña.

In Mexico they are practiced annually between 750,000 and one million clandestine abortions, which has caused the abortion process to be complicated and has caused the loss of lives of thousands of women during caesarean sections or when arriving at the hospital bled bled. They have carried out this practice in unauthorized states for fear that the state will legally repress them, reviewed The country.

In recent days, the SCJN had declared unconstitutional the period determined to perform abortion in cases of rape, forcing the State of Chiapas to modify its laws regarding this issue.

This decision marks an important precedent in abortion matters, as now more women will be able to decide about their bodies, putting fear aside in a country that has high rates of violence against women.

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