VIDEO: Mhoni Vidente assures that the producer of ‘Hoy’, Magda Rodríguez, confessed that she was murdered

Less than a week before the production company’s first death anniversary Magda Rodriguez, which has not been revealed to the media by his daughter, the driver Andrea Escalona placeholder image or from his sister producer of “Hoy” Andrea Rodríguez if something special will be done to commemorate his memory.

Moreover, the death of Magda Rodriguez Without a doubt, it was one of the events that has most shocked the artistic milieu, since his death was unexpected since there was no knowledge that the then producer of the Hoy program had some kind of illness that put her life at risk.

That is why the news of his death caused a commotion among the artistic guild and fans who followed each of the programs that Magda produced, such as “Today”, Warriors 2020, Laura uncensored, Falling in love, The academy, With the stamp of Woman, among many others.

Given this, almost a year after her death, the Cuban seer, Mhoni Seer Throughout these months, he has revealed that on several occasions he has had contact with the production company through his dreams, in which he has sent messages to his loved ones, as well as to the people with whom he worked in the program “Today”.

But now, Mhoni Vidente made a strong revelation that supposedly whoever was the producer of “Hoy” He made her known through his last encounter with her through his dreams.

And it is that according to Mhoni herself, Magda Rodriguez He appeared to her in a dream and revealed that her life did not end spontaneously, but that someone caused her death.

“I saw her very well, very well-groomed, but she told me: ‘I didn’t die, they murdered me, something they did to me so that I was not yet on earth’, but Magda you have to rest now, you have to leave this … ” said Mhoni Vidente in the predictions made to the newspaper El Heraldo de México.

On the other hand, Mhoni assured that Magda She had told him in that dream that she believed that someone had given her something to eat and that would have caused her unexpected death.

“That literally tells me; ‘I just didn’t die, they murdered me like they gave me something to eat’, and I think they gave him something to eat in matters of witchcraft “revealed Mhoni Seer

However, Mhoni made it clear that the former producer of the Hoy program is already resting in peace, but still asks that they raise a prayer for her eternal rest.