VIDEO: Mía, daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín, suffers an embarrassing fall on stage

The driver, Andrea Legarreta and the Mexican singer, Erik rubin, they do not stop promoting the career of their first-born, Mía Rubín, who in 2021 closed the year with great news for her early career, as she has begun her steps in music, sponsored by her famous parents.

Given this, Mia was accompanied by her father, Erik Rubín, and many other great artists. But not everything is positive, since now, Legarreta’s daughter suffered her first “accident” on stage.

After performing as a soloist, the daughter of the former Timbiriche suffered her first stumble live. This accident occurred when he presented his album Raíces. The event occurred when he was doing a duet with Erik, who immediately reacted to continue giving the show.

This fact did not go unnoticed by the fans of her famous father, who supported her at this time and in passing recognized that it was a very professional act, since in addition to getting up with style it is something that happens to all celebrities.

“The girl was very professional, she got up with style.” “It even happens to ‘the great celebrities'”, “how nice that dad and daughter empathize in music.” “The eyes of his dad very scared.” “Oh the love of a father is beautiful, the good thing is that she continued with the event.” While others decided to remember the Timbiriche moments and incidentally send many blessings to both of them.

You have to remember these types of accidents frequently occur on stage, but you have to remember the fall of Juan Gabriel or Beto Cuevas, since the lights are quite strong on stage, so the artists can lose their location and with this finish on the floor. Another reason why they can fall has to do with the dressing room, since they can get stuck between the teams, a situation that happened to Mia.

Now, after having suffered the first setback, the young woman already knows what can happen on stage and how to react, so it only remains to enjoy her talent and this new stage in her life, as a professional singer just like her father .

It should be noted that, despite this embarrassing moment, Mía has been supported and protected by her famous parents at all times, who have helped her start her career as a performer by getting to record her own record material, as well as the promotion of this and multiple roles in theater thanks to the recognition they have.

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