Video: Miguel Cabrera is the player number 18 with the most doubles in the Major Leagues

The Venezuelan player of the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera he does not tire of breaking records, and it is that this Monday became the 18th baseball player with the most connected doubles in Major League Baseball history.

Cabrera reached the 597 doubles mark in his career during his team’s game against the Chicago White Sox. So far this season he has 16 hits of that type.

But the brands don’t end there, well “Miggy” also hit 2,986., remaining alone to 14 of 3,000 hits forever. Definitely quite a feat for the gamer.

With the 597 doubles mark, Cabrera now occupies the position he held before Luis Gonzalez, player with a 596 mark, which Miguel himself equaled on Saturday.

Cabrera is just three hits from reaching 600 doubles and continue climbing rungs in the history of the Major Leagues.