VIDEO: Miguel Herrera’s Confrontation With Ivan Alonso After Cruz Azul Loss

Miguel Herrera's unflattering comments on Iván Alonso in a YouTube video led to a heated confrontation after a match.

Prior to Cruz Azul’s appointment of new manager Martín Anselmi, Miguel Herrera made unflattering comments about sporting director Iván Alonso in a YouTube video with Jorge “Burro” Van Rankin. Herrera questioned Alonso’s credentials, saying:

“First of all the opportunity they give to a sporting director, that is, he was a guy who fooled us all, I don’t know who he is, I don’t know what he has done for that…”

Herrera also criticized Alonso’s past roles with Toluca and Pachuca:

“His most recent trajectory is to have deceived directors, both in Toluca and in Pachuca because the people of Pachuca criticized him very strongly.”

Alonso Confronts Herrera After Cruz Azul’s Loss

On February 25, 2023, Cruz Azul hosted Xolos at Estadio Azul, losing 1-0. After the match concluded, Alonso angrily approached Herrera, who was perplexed:

“Confused and with a challenging tone, Miguel Herrera asked Ivan Alonso to explain to him what was going on. “But what did I tell you?” he said.

Alonso reminded Herrera of his comments:

“You have no memory? Don’t disrespect me, you don’t know me, come on, let’s talk, here are the cameras!”

Tensions Peak Between the Two

The confrontation became heated, with Alonso demanding respect from Herrera. They exchanged slaps, needing to be separated.

Alonso continued shouting at Herrera as he followed him through the stadium hallway after the match despite the crowds around them.

Background on Recent Changes at Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul has undergone significant restructuring, replacing long-time manager Óscar “Conejo” Pérez and appointing the relatively unknown Anselmi.

Herrera echoed Van Rankin’s criticism of Anselmi’s hiring:

“Terrible what Cruz Azul is doing, ‘bring me a pie coach’…What is the name of this cabn they are going to bring?”*

The comments from Herrera dismissing Anselmi and Alonso sparked the post-match confrontation between the two figures. While Cruz Azul came away with the victory, tensions are clearly still high as the club continues its rebuild.