Video: Moment in which migrants were almost run over by a train while fleeing from la migra

Migrants are saved from being run over by a train at the border.

Photo: Screenshots taken from the video by @DeIntelligencia / Courtesy

Five migrants miraculously saved his life, according to a video circulating on the internet, in which it can be seen that they were about to be hit by a train when they tried to escape from the agents of the Border Patrol (Border Patrol) in the limits of Step, Texas; Y chihuahua, Mexico. No more was heard of the migrants, the border agents They found no evidence that they had lost their lives, neither on the US side nor on the Mexican side, so they suspect that they are alive. In some videos shared on social networks, it is possible to capture that they were made on the shore just as the convoy passed.

The 45-second video recording was shared by users of TikTokin it you can see the undocumented running on the elevated tracks, the agents themselves and some witnesses They yell at them to warn them of the danger, but they keep running, suddenly the train is heard announcing its arrival, it is coming at full speed, it can no longer stop.

What should the Border Patrol do in the event of an accident?

Border Patrol elements are required to report if migrants are injured during their arrest, as well as request medical attention from authorities. But it is important to clarify that they do not have the obligation to notify when the mishap was about to occur and the undocumented are saved, as happened in this case.

It should be noted that the Telemundo News portal said that there is no evidence that the migrants had died and that everything indicates that they did flee. In addition, in various media, the US authorities have pointed out the increase in crossings in the section of Texas and its border with Chihuahua.