Video: Monterrey fan faints meeting OnlyFans star Karely Ruiz in Hotspanish Youtube prank.

Watch as a fan's dream encounter with model Karely Ruiz turns into a hilarious fainting incident during a Hotspanish YouTube collaboration.

The model Karely Ruiz has found herself in the trends recently because she was linked to the rapper Santa Fe Klan and her collaboration with the YouTuber Hotspanish, where they gave a car to a woman for letting her kiss her boyfriend. It was with this same influencer with whom she starred in another video that has gone viral, where a man fainted upon meeting her.

Karely Ruiz is currently one of the best-known characters on social networks, and her fame lies in her sale of adult content through the Onlyfans platform. An occupation that has allowed her to have a monthly income of more than half a million pesos.

A man who met the model fainted from shock, something that began to go viral. Credit: Facebook/ HotSpanish.

After several months of absence from the public scene, she returned to make several collaborations with well-known characters. Such is the case of her participation with Roberto González Manso, better known as Hotspanish.

During one of the YouTuber’s videos, he participated in a dynamic known as Un Minuto en el Paraíso, which consists of giving a car to a couple in exchange for meeting a challenge. On this occasion, the gift was given to a young woman who allowed her boyfriend to make out with Karely for 60 seconds.


The recording had several reactions and went viral immediately. However, another video with the same influencer has been released, showing how a man fainted when he met the Onlyfans model.

It all started when Hotspanish asked for help from the Monterrey native to surprise one of his friends who is a follower of hers, to which he agreed without any problem. According to what the influencer described, he would call the person involved to an interview in a van, where Karely would appear after a few questions.

After the young man got into the car, Roberto Gonzalez mentioned that it was a trend where he would ask him different questions about his tastes. He started with questions about the singers he likes and then asked him about the girls on the internet who are his platonic love.

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“Well, there is Karely and Ester Expósito,” mentioned the young man, who the YouTuber identified as Rodrigo. After the interviewee’s answer, Hotspanish asked him what his reaction would be if he had the regiomontana in front of him, to which he answered that he didn’t know since he considers himself a shy person.

“Do you like her, and why don’t you tell her in person, bro?” commented the influencer, indicating for Karely Ruiz to appear in the back of the vehicle. The young man watched her briefly before fainting, causing distress to his friend and the model.

As if it were a fairy tale, he revived after the influencer kissed him on his cheek. The young man’s grief was so great that it was hard for him to look at Karely to say the words he told his friend.


The Monterrey native was accessible to him despite the shyness he showed. Ultimately, she even danced with him briefly and kissed him on the cheek several times. Hotspanish fans reacted, mentioning that they laughed at what happened with Karely’s fan.

“Give her three minutes in paradise with her,” “You went overboard with this bro, almost infarcted the friend,” “What a comedy,” and “I love your videos, I wouldn’t let my husband meet her” are some of the comments found inside the publication.

According to the specification of Hotspanish, everything happened before the video recording where they gave a car to a young woman in exchange for letting Karely Ruiz kiss her boyfriend.