VIDEO: Music sensation Peso Pluma and influencer Dania Méndez are officially a couple

Peso Pluma's private world: his blossoming romance with Acapulco Shore star and influencer Dania Méndez became official.

Peso Pluma has become the singer of the moment, so all his movements are closely followed, both by fans and by the media, who noticed an alleged romance with influencer Dania Méndez, which was confirmed when they were captured arriving in Mexico, more in love than ever.

In American Post News, we have let you know that in recent weeks, Peso Pluma’s love life has made headlines in the entertainment industry, as he even began to be romantically linked to Belinda.

After several rumors, the singer himself confirmed that his real girlfriend is the influencer Dania Méndez, with whom he was captured arriving at the airport, holding hands.

Dania Méndez, Peso Pluma’s new girlfriend

Peso Pluma y Dania Méndez
Peso Pluma and Dania Méndez were caught holding hands upon their arrival in Mexico

After singer Peso Pluma and Dania Méndez gave some clues that they started a romance, which also generated doubts about a publicity strategy, they were captured arriving at the airport with their hands intertwined.

Although Peso Pluma refused to make any statements about their romance, despite the media’s insistence, he never let go of Dania Méndez’s hand, who could not hide the huge smile she was wearing.

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It should be noted that the singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, real name Peso Pluma, has been characterized by keeping his love life away from the spotlight and has never given statements about it. However, he has already been captured with several models in romantic plans, although he has never confirmed a courtship.

Who is Peso Pluma’s current girlfriend?

Dania Méndez
Dania Méndez, Peso Pluma’s new girlfriend, is an influencer who has participated in several reality shows.

Dania Méndez, a 31-year-old influencer from Guadalajara, rose to fame thanks to the show Acapulco Shore. However, she has also participated in other reality shows, such as La Casa de los Famosos.

Before Dania Méndez, Peso Pluma, whose stage name is due to her slim build and penchant for THC feathers, was linked to models Jailyne Ojeda and Elizabeth Torres.