Video: Narco murdered is fired with drag racing, motorcycles and horns

Massive farewell for Chato, a drug trafficker who was murdered.

Photo: Screenshots taken from the video by @c4jimenez / Courtesy

The mexican police was forced to keep a caravan made up of hundreds of people who took to the streets to say goodbye to aka El Chatoan drug dealer what was it murdered. With drag racing, motorcycles Y honks began the mobilization of relatives, friends and curious people who joined the contingent in the Mexico Citythe country’s capital, is shown in a video that went viral on social networks, due to the surprise that even the police had to guard the event.

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In the video, released by the journalist Carlos Jiménez, it is also shown that all the participants wanted to carry Chato’s coffin, a drug dealer who owned a mechanical workshop, which he used as a front for sell drugs. They say that his workers were members of his network of drug dealers and that he was an ally of a sign that terrorizes the downtown area of ​​the Mexican capital, the The Tepito Union.

Regarding the murder of Chato, there are several versions that have not yet been clarified by the Mexican authorities and there are strong suspicions that it was a revenge between drug dealers who disputed the place in the Azcapotzalco City Hall. His remains were deposited in the San Isidro pantheon.

According to a report by the Drug Policy Program (PPD) of the Economic Research and Teaching Center (CIDE), the presence of 150 criminal groups in Mexico. Of these groups, 51 operate in Mexico City and not all have the category of cartel, but many are in the process of becoming one.

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