Video: Natanael Cano Suffered A Terrifying Fall That Stunned Fans during Metepec, Toluca Concert

Fans anxiously chant Natanael Cano's name as security staff and crew members rush to his aid following his unexpected stage fall.

On Friday night, the energetic young singer Natanael Cano performed on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans at the Recinto Ferial in Metepec, Mexico. As he gyrated enthusiastically to his hit song “La Lokerona,” the 22-year-old suddenly lost his footing near the edge of the high stage platform.

Video clips posted online show Cano plunging backward out of view, eliciting horrified screams from the crowd. The singer later admitted he feared for his life in the heart-stopping moment.

“That had never happened to me before. I thought I was going to die,” Cano told the audience after being helped back onto the stage. Remarkably, he could laugh off the terrifying tumble and continue his concert like a true professional. But the shocking fall stunned his fans and quickly went viral across social media.

The singer reacted until he was at the edge of the stage and could not break his fall (Screenshot/TikTok).
The singer reacted until he was at the edge of the stage and could not break his fall (Screenshot/TikTok).

The incident occurred on October 21 during a stop in Metepec on Cano’s national concert tour dubbed the “Tumbados Tour.” As evidenced by fan videos, the singer felt the music and danced with his back toward the crowd. Oblivious to the diminishing floor space behind him, Cano shuffled closer to disaster with each backward step. Suddenly, he was sent sprawling out of sight behind the barricade at the front edge of the stage.

Screams erupted from the audience as the music continued to pulse loudly. It took several agonizing moments before security staff and crew members rushed to Cano’s aid out of view. Fans anxiously chanted his name, hoping their idol was uninjured. Eventually, the helpers hoisted Cano back onto the stage, where he retrieved the microphone and addressed the crowd.

Footage of Natanael Cano fall in full concert.

In typical humorous fashion, the singer from Sonora laughed about his blunder and compared himself to a “f*****g monkey.” After the tense scare, the spirited star performed as if nothing had happened. But behind the scenes, his team surely examined him for any wounds from the nasty backward plunge.

Predictably, video of the singer’s onstage fiasco spread rapidly across the internet. On Twitter alone, clips of his fall were viewed over 700,000 times within 24 hours. “The only one who could knock Nata down was himself, no one else,” one fan aptly commented, referencing Cano’s unshakable swagger. Other online reactions ranged from concern to mockery to funny memes.

While the spill was undoubtedly embarrassing, Cano is no stranger to serious accidents. Last December, he endured a horrific motocross crash that nearly costing him his leg. The singer shattered his limb so badly that doctors inserted eight pins, a cast, and an external fixator during surgery. After an arduous recovery, Cano was able to return to performing earlier this year.


Several people helped the singer get on stage by grabbing his hand (Screenshot/TikTok).
Several people helped the singer get on stage by grabbing his hand (Screenshot/TikTok).

That process toughened the young star, as he could spring back up and finish his Metepec show like nothing had happened. Still, the dramatic incident was a solemn reminder that even talented, charismatic artists are vulnerable to random accidents.

Cano rose to fame recently for popularizing the “corridos tumbados” genre, which features slower tempos and mellower vocals than traditional Mexican folk ballads. His crossover appeal and innovative style have attracted international fans beyond regional borders.

Since September, the Metepec concert was part of Cano’s high-profile tour zipping through various Mexican cities. Upcoming stops are scheduled for Chihuahua and Mexico City in late October. If the intense performance pace and constant travel contribute to exhaustion, that may increase the chances of random stage mishaps.

(Instagram/ @natanael_cano)
(Instagram/ @natanael_cano)

Whatever caused Cano’s embarrassing fall in Metepec, the heart-stopping moment will be difficult to forget for all who witnessed it in person or online. Footage of the scene almost resembles something from a TV drama, with the crowd gasping in shock as their idol suddenly vanishes from sight.

Fortunately, the singer escaped significant injuries besides some bruises and wounded pride. While the accident may haunt his dreams for a while, Cano has the resilience and dedication to his fans necessary to put the incident behind him.

After the fateful concert, Cano’s social media accounts did not indicate that the remainder of his tour was in jeopardy. Given his quick recovery and sense of humor about the ordeal, the consummate showman will likely continue entertaining crowds with his signature energy and musicality.

But when fluorescent lights next wash over his rising star, the dramatic Metepec tumble will surely cross his mind. The frightening seconds of freefall will remind Cano that even talented artists can lose their footing without warning.