Video of Christian Nodal “mentioning it” to Belinda goes viral

In the last hours a video has circulated on social networks where you can see Christian Nodal at a party and in addition to singing, those present seem to remind him of Belinda.

What generated the most displeasure among Internet users is that one of those present insults the interpreter of “Sapito”, all while Nodal sang the theme “Of the kisses that I gave you”.

Although Nodal now seems to be very much in love with Cazzu, the truth is that he seems not to have forgotten Beli, because her name is still present at his parties with alcohol.

Did Nodal mention it to Belinda? circulate this video on networks

Did Nodal mention it to Belinda? circulate this video on networks Why did Christian Nodal and Belinda end up?

Thanks to a video released by the influencer and creator of ‘Chismillenial’, Paul Chagrawe were able to witness that Nodal seems not to have forgotten Belinda.

In the clip of just one minute, the young performer can be seen living with several people and singing at ease, however, at the end a subject takes the microphone and he “minted” Belinda’s mother.

Though Nodal He does not support the insult nor does he remedy the situation, since it is seen how he enjoys the moment and a smile appears on his face of approval to disrespect his ex-fiancée.

“It shows that he still hasn’t gotten over it”, “I don’t know who disgusts me more, the man looks good or the slimy nodal”, “What can you expect from a naco, dwarf and cat like him. Beli’s mother had everything the reason”, “While she is working on her new projects. Nodal’s ass burns more than no matter how many stones she throws, she doesn’t even turn around,” reads the comments.

We leave you the video in question so that you can think for yourself:

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Why did Christian Nodal and Belinda end up?

Why did Christian Nodal and Belinda end up?

Much was said in entertainment gossip about the breakup of their relationship, however everything seems to indicate that it was about money issues, because according to the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“, the singer asked him for large amounts to pay for his luxuries and the expenses of his family, this situation being what ended up surpassing him and putting an end to it.

In the meantime Christian Nodal he already has even a new conquest with Cazzu Y Belindaalthough he does not have a gallant, he assures that it is not necessary to be able to be happy.

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