Video of Kimberly Loaiza caused a sensation in networks, challenged haters with a dance

Due to the controversies that have happened with “La lindura mayor” and Juan de Dios Pantoja “, the criticisms of the haters have divided opinions of the fans of the influencer, so through a Kimberly Loaiza video, the internet celebrity made it clear that she doesn’t care what haters say.

And, one of the controversies that has caused a stir is that she starred in an advertising campaign for the sale of makeup online, some criticized her alleged cosmetic surgeries, but the 24-year-old has not verified it and decided to send a message to those users who criticize it.

Previously we shared you in AmericanPost.News that JD Pantoja’s wife exploded against the haters and it all happened because some called her fat and leaked details of the recent song “Ya no somos”. The video clip was released on December 14 and has added more than 10 million views.

Video of Kimberly Loaiza caused a sensation in social networks

In that video of Kimberly Loaiza you can see the young influencer wearing a green miniskirt, but what was surprising was the choreography she did to show that she doesn’t care what haters think about her, as she wrote: “Do your thing haters ”.

It is worth mentioning that the influencer has established herself as one of the favorites, since she has remained close to her fans through social networks, in the same way she has participated in several advertising campaigns, although what has unleashed criticism is that she has shown his face.

We remember that a controversy that caused a break in his romance with Pantoja was the forbidden video that leaked on the internet about influencing with another woman, so JD Pantoja accepted that he appears in the video, but it happened in the time they separated ago some years.

What is the name of Kimberly Loaiza’s Tik Tok account?

Loaiza has reached more than 57 million users on TikTok

Due to the popularity of her 24-year-old on Instagram and YouTube, the young woman also enjoys sharing content on her TikTok profile “kimberly.loaiza.” In that account he has added more than 57 million followers, as he has shared different choreographies that have left his cuteness amazed.

But the video of Kimberly Loaiza sending a message to haters has drawn mixed reactions. Although it has not been the first time that JD Pantoja’s wife defends herself from users who criticize her, even on YouTube she has shared some messages against haters.

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