Video of puppies playing as children in a park goes viral on TikTok

An animal lover was made viral in TikTok after a video in which the man plays with his puppies in a park like little children.

The viral video that has traveled the social networks shows a middle-aged man in what appears to be the children’s play area of ​​an abandoned park, which is nevertheless perfect for having fun with his canine friends.

Some time ago AmericanPost.News He shared with his readers the story of the dogs that reveal their secrets by playing “fucking mint” as if they were teenagers, but the case that brings us together today is rather touching.

Puppies play with their human in playground

TikTok: @galaff_.

In the images, the proud owner is observed with two very hairy white dogs, which could well be brothers, who run and have fun in the park.

The original video was uploaded to TikTok by the user @galaff_, who said he explained in his recording that he had been watching the scene of the neighbor playing with his dogs for a long time, but had not dared to record it.

TikTok: @galaff_.

“I had always wanted to film my neighbor because he played with his furry puppies as if they were little children. In addition, these dogs are super smart, watch them climb the stairs of the slide. They are a love of dogs, how not to love them “, says Axel Jordan in his viral TikTok.

And, as the user describes it, the animals look very happy when their ‘dad’ puts them on the swings and then they climb the slide on their own.

The cuteness of the video reminds us of the dog that plays in the snow and is captured in an adorable viral video, in what seems to be one of the best days of his life.

And you, do you go out with your dogs to play in the park? If so, feel free to record their funny reactions and share them on TikTok.

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