Video of the exact moment when a rockslide at Antioquia’s famed Peñol de Guatape strikes, leaving 15 tourists injured

Tourists at Peñol de Guatape face a traumatic rockslide incident, with video evidence capturing the chaos and urgent medical attention provided on-site.

PEÑOL DE GUATAPE, ANTIOQUIA — In a harrowing incident on November 2, a rockslide at the popular tourist spot in Peñol de Guatape, Antioquia, left 15 individuals injured. Reports indicated that a rock detachment precipitated the landslide, resulting in casualties among those attempting the ascent.

Emergency services were swiftly on the scene, providing immediate aid to six individuals on the pavement, while nine others were promptly transported to a hospital for specialized care.

In response to the incident, authorities, with the support of specialized agencies, have prohibited access to the area, pending a safety assessment that ensures secure conditions for future visitors.

Government Response to the Peñol de Guatape Incident

The governor of Antioquia, Aníbal Gaviria Correa, took to official channels to express his mobilization of resources, including engineers, geologists, and tactical support teams, to assess and address the situation, as well as to provide aid to the municipality.

The dramatic moments of the landslide were captured and disseminated by tourists on social media, emphasizing the suddenness and severity of the event.

Widespread Efforts Amidst Natural Threats

As part of a broader initiative, rescue and emergency teams have not only responded to this particular crisis but are also engaging in ongoing community education on crisis management. They are particularly focused on instructing the public on how to act in the face of nature’s unexpected turns, including steps to take when lost or in danger due to natural disasters.

Public Advisory: Emergency Safety Measures

Authorities urge the public to maintain a safe distance from any disaster-stricken area. Key safety measures include:

  • Steer clear of exposed electrical wires.
  • Keep a safe distance from structures or natural elements that pose a fall risk.
  • For those residing in proximity to hillsides, remain vigilant for signs of landslides.
  • In case of immediate risk, vacate the premises and notify civil protection authorities.

In regions prone to such dangers, the emphasis remains on heeding warnings which are critical in signaling potential perils and guiding protective measures to safeguard lives.