Video: Passenger films cigar-shaped UFO on Southwest Airlines flight over California skies

Captured on Southwest Airlines flight 2463, a passenger films a mysterious, white, cigar-shaped object in California skies, reigniting UFO discussions.

A new Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) sighting was seen in the United States. Still, now it was recorded from inside an airplane by one of the passengers who filmed terrified that flying apparitions of which have increased in recent months, not only in the United States but in the rest of the world, as the most recent case occurred in Argentina.

In a video shared by conspiracy theorist Scott Waring, it is observed when the witness of the sighting, who is one of the passengers of an airplane flight in California, United States, turns on his cell phone camera and performs a close-up in the direction of an object floating in the air. The first sighting shows an elongated craft known for its shape as if it were a “cigar.”

The sighting was detected two years ago when another commercial airliner flew over Orange County. Still, it has caused a stir with new cases involving the UFO phenomenon. According to Wearing, the UFO detection was filmed almost two weeks ago, last Saturday, March 11 of this year.

The UFO was captured from inside an airplane. Photo: Special

The plane was flying southbound and in central California, which corresponded to Southwest Airlines flight 2463 traveling from Sacramento Airport (SMF) to San Diego. The witness was quoted by the self-styled expert on the UFO phenomenon, Waring, who described his experience with the encounter with the flying object.

This is what the UFO experience from an airplane was like.

“I was sitting in the window seat, on the left side in the middle of the plane, just behind the left wing. About halfway through our flight, I was looking out the window and saw a UFO ticking in the distance traveling perpendicular to us. It was a white cylindrical craft with no discernible wings, windows, markings, or features.

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It was a smooth white cylinder with no visible means of propulsion or exhaust, plumes. The ticking UFO was in the distance, a few miles from us. It was moving in a steady path. There was nothing extraordinary about it: it was not moving fast or hovering, just moving at a steady speed and soon disappeared into the clouds,” recounted the plane’s passenger, who added:

“It was a few degrees above our plane at a similar altitude. And it was northwest of our plane’s orientation (remember that the plane is heading south). I saw the side of the ticking, and it was traveling perpendicular to us toward the plane (so it was traveling west).

I recorded it on my phone with a video for about 18 seconds before the tick-tock disappeared into a cloud bank. I have included that video and photographs. According to the video, the video was taken on March 11 at 5:57:53 pm (local time),” the terrified witness claimed.

“I used Flight Aware and converted this time to Sunday, March 12 at 1:58 am (local time), placing the plane near Selma in Fresno County. There were no aircraft in the vicinity, nor matching the orientation in which the ticking was seen from my window (NW orientation relative to the nose of the aircraft, which was traveling south),” the man concluded.