VIDEO: Pati Chapoy explodes against Daniel Bisogno for not wanting to take the COVID-19 test

VIDEO: Pati Chapoy explodes against Daniel Bisogno for not wanting to take the COVID-19 test

One of the most famous and legendary entertainment programs on Hispanic television is undoubtedly “Selling”, which has gone through various restructures, but some of the immovable ones have been Pati chapoy, Pedro Sola and Daniel Bisogno.

Although they are an unbeatable team, they usually have differences, such as the one revealed by the host of this program, who pointed out that Bisogno decided to become rebellious and ignore their recommendations, as well as certain requests.

Chapoy explained his absence and the reasons that led her to ask him to take care of her health. The famous presenter had a peculiar way, with a cast only made up of female conductors. Pati Chapoy, Mónica Castañeda, Linet Puente and Rosario Murrieta, what happened with Daniel.

This, highlighted by the same host, was largely due to the fact that Daniel Bisogno, star host of the program, was absent from it due to suffering from a severe stomach upset.

Faced with such a situation, Pati said that this week of national holidays she was asked to place a candy table on the set, which had been visited on most occasions by Daniel, who is addicted to eating sweets and this would have had an effect on his body.

In the same way, she and Mónica Castañeda recalled that at dinner on September 15, Bisogno did not spare a huarache that had been brought to the forum and ate it late at night, something that definitely must have fallen like a bomb in the stomach of the 48-year-old driver.

To finish the story, Pati Chapoy confessed that, when talking with Daniel Bisogno about his health, he suggested that he go to the hospital for his upset stomach. In addition to this and even more important, he asked him to do a PCR as a COVID test, to rule out that the upset stomach is a manifestation of the virus in his body.

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  • Faced with such a request from one of the people who has loved, trusted and supported Daniel Bisogno the most, he flatly refused to take the test, since he does not consider it necessary to rule out that he is infected with coronavirus.

    To top it off, and to the surprise of the rest of the drivers of ‘Ventaneando’. Monica Castañeda suggested that he go to his house and take him by the ear directly to the test. Given this, Pati was clear and forceful in her response.

    “Well, I’m not his mom! I am not his mother, with grief, but I am not his mother. That is no longer my business “said Pati Chapoy.

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