VIDEO: Paul Stanley, host of ‘Hoy’, confesses that he bled in his intimate area for waxing

Things do not always go as expected, and that is how the famous driver of the morning of Televisa “Hoy”, Paul stanley, who revealed for another broadcast in which he collaborates, “Members on the air”, who suffered a hemorrhage from wanting to wax.

In the recent installment of the show, the 36-year-old actor confessed that he had a bad experience trying to shave his genitals. As they talked about facial hair and the intimate area, Paco Stanley’s son recalled his unfortunate adventure with a rake.

The driver assured that while using a ceramic rake on his genitals, he pulled out some hairs from the roots, which opened the follicles and began to bleed: “I became quick and I think all the ‘hair’ came and wows … blood started to come out.”

After the dramatic situation, Paul decided to put a little saliva on the affected area and later a band to heal: “I put a patch on it like when you shave.”

He ended by saying that he had to wait a while for the bleeding to stop, but insisted that it was fast but painful.

Mario Bezares explodes against Paul Stanley

Actor and host Mario Bezares clarified that he did not give Paul Stanley a false phone number during Paco Stanley’s funeral 22 years ago.

“The only time I saw Paul again was in court, when he was going to testify. It was an event that shocked us all. How do you think I’m going to give him a false number so that he would approach me? If I was totally persecuted, if it was 16-18 hours a day that I spent in the Attorney General’s Office declaring, then they rooted me and took cell phones from me. If I did not answer him, it is because he was in prison “Bezares commented in an interview for the show De Primera Mano.

The controversy arises because Paul was questioned in an interview with Adela Micha about his relationship with Mario and said that, at his father’s wake, “He told me ‘whatever you need’ and gave me a fake phone number, I never heard from him anymore. He was 13 or 14 years old and he gave me another phone that was not it ”.

And he realized that the number did not correspond because he even dialed him, since at that time he had no relationship with his half-siblings. “As they are things that you do not get out of your head”Paul pointed out.

So Mario Bezares said that because of the situation he experienced, what Paco Stanley’s son said was impossible. “He was a 14-year-old boy. I don’t want to say anything, because I don’t want to affect my series. In the series you are going to see what is really happening, period ”.

Given the series of statements that have emerged, “This is being done like a gossip wash. This is the last time I declare something about it “ and added that he has no relationship with the driver of Hoy.

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