VIDEO: “People were thrown everywhere, their bodies scattered,” says witness after the explosion in Afghanistan

Suicide bomber named responsible for main explosion near Kabul airport, Afghanistan, where at least 13 were killed, including US soldiers, in addition to several injuries, although the figures are preliminary.

In a Telemundo video, a witness to the attack tells what he saw: “People were thrown everywhere, their bodies scattered.”

He added that in the place where he was, the explosion was felt and that he and other people saw “many affected.”

Obviously, European media reported another explosion near the Baron Hotel, in the vicinity of Abbey Gate Airport. People who would be evacuated were staying there.

Videos and photographs from reporters and agencies in the region show the transfer of wounded and bloodied people walking. The death and injury toll could rise considerably.

The attack occurred one day after the United States Embassy asked its nationals to leave the airport facilities in the face of a possible threat.

The situation in Afghanistan is complicated for the president Joe Biden and his plan to end shares on August 31, amid pressure from Taliban leaders, who warned that, if they did not leave that country, “there would be consequences”, while other terrorist groups, such as ISIS-K, threaten with aggressions.

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