VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar explodes when questioned about Gussy Lau and the couples he wants for his children

When it seemed that the scandal of Angela Eaglery Gussy Lau it was already controlled, apparently things are not so passive inside the Aguilar Dynasty. Although they have kept the details of what happened private, the family patriarch, Pepe Aguilar spoke on this subject.

Although Gussy Lau, as the Sinaloan composer is known, tried to defend the singer with an interview confirming the romance, it seems that everything got worse between them Well, this would have infuriated the family and Angela Aguilar herself, who ended her courtship.

The so-called “Princess of the Mexican region” declared that she felt sad and disappointed by the photographs that were leaked and that affected her personal, family and love life. After what happened, the singer has refused to talk more about the subject and went on a trip with her family to Paris, leaving aside the controversy.

While Leonardo Aguilar, Angela’s brother, He did not avoid being questioned about it and limited himself to talking about supporting his sister like other members of his family.

“The relationship with Ángela did not change me at all, she is my little sister and it is part of having a public life, these things, the only thing that does… is that it is also difficult to have two lives, the public and the private, I I live it, with my relationship.”


Pepe Aguilar continues to work and part of the trip he made with his family in Paris was for business Well, he plans to take his show to some countries in Europe; However, he took the opportunity to send hints in which he showed that they were more united than ever after the scandalous romance of his youngest daughter.

Although he had refused to talk about the subject, In an interview with “Ventaneando” he did not avoid being questioned about it and pointed out the union that exists between his family so it was in this way that they decided to solve it: off camera.

“It’s part of the game, but also at a certain point we are a family beyond that. I love my children and we are human, humanly we have to take things; before being singers, music professionals we are human and as such things are arranged”.


Despite this, he did not rule out the possibility of talking about Angela’s romance later.pointed out that at the moment they do not consider it necessary and thanked the public for showing affection for their family in the face of the difficult situations they have gone through, such as the controversial courtship with Gussy Lau.

When asked about what he is like as a father-in-law, he answered in a warning and joking way that “depends on the pin… son-in-law”but pointed out that it is their children who choose their partners: “That’s their problem, they’re grown up now.”

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