VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar hires his daughter Ángela Aguilar’s competition and that’s how it sounds

VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar hires his daughter Ángela Aguilar’s competition and that’s how it sounds

The Aguilar Dynasty continues to gain success, and after its presentations with “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” in the United States, now Pepe Aguilar announced the exclusive signing of a young regional music singer for his label Machin Records, but some wonder if this will not affect their youngest daughter, Angela Aguilar, who is already considered the “Princess of regional music.”

At a press conference it was announced that the singer named Irany will now be part of Aguilar’s company, which her sons Leonardo and Ángela belong to., according to the official site of the company that is focused on the Mexican regional genre.

“It is a great pride for us to be able to sign you and hopefully we can do what corresponds and what you deserve to take you to the next and next level” Pepe Aguilar commented at the press conference where they introduced Irany, and the singer’s wife Aneliz Álvarez can be seen sitting next to them.

Machin Records presents itself on their site as orn Independent Record Label, which despite having very little time of its creation; It already has in its history two artists nominated for the Latin Grammy and even one for the American Grammy, also adding other recognitions to which his talent has been credited “. They also explain that they are focused on the Mexican regional genre, and as an objective they have the integral development of their artists.

Irany is 17 years old, the same age as Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter. In the social networks of the label, they explain that she is a multi-instrumentalist singer, because she plays the accordion and her specialty is the piano, in addition to the ukulele.

She was born in Mexicali Baja California and has participated in several singing competitions such as “La Academia Kids” and “La voz Kids. In his YouTube account he has more than 20 thousand subscribers and has been characterized by his videos interpreting well-known Mexican regional covers such as “De los besos que te di te”, “My accomplice”, “I have my soul in love”, among others.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter affirms that she is very happy to be part of the record label’s family.

“The beginning of my musical career! Dreams do come true, we continue preparing to be able to reach the heart of each one of you with our music! Grateful with the Aguilar family, with all its work team, with my beautiful family, and with each one of you for always believing in me “, wrote.

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