VIDEO: Pepe Aguilar mocks his duet with ‘El Fantasma’ and compares himself to Wisin and Yandel

In the world of music, collaborations continue to become fashionable, and more so after the COVID-19 pandemic meant quite a challenge for artists. Such is the case of Pepe Aguilarwho did various projects in the midst of the quarantine to which the world was subjected.

Faced with this new reality, creativity exploded for the current patriarch of the Aguilar Dynasty, who gradually created a new collaboration with one of the artists of the moment Alexander García “El Fantasma”, with whom he made a duet and with whom he has forged a very good friendship which is reflected in the new music and when they share the stage.

The singers uploaded some stories on their official Instagram account where they appear together and enjoying some shots of tequila, It was “El Fantasma” who commented that they were recording a movie, what the fans do not know is if it really is a large production or if it is the filming of a new video in which they will share credits.

during the clip Pepe Aguilar mentions that they look like Wisin and Yandel, two urban musical performers, since he wears black sunglasses similar to those worn by artists who work in this genre.

later is “Fantasma” himself who mentions that in effect there is very little left for a theme to come to light for all those who enjoy his workand even invited people to be aware of what will happen in the following days.

And because he loves to pamper his audience, García gave a taste of how the song sounds “From my mother I inherited good people and my father taught me not to be ordinary”, the celebrities sang while they tasted some tequila.

At the end of that story the interpreter of “Keep me tonight” revealed that the song will be called “Teaching of the old” and that they will be accompanied by the Armed Team Bandalthough he did not disclose the release date.

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