VIDEO: Peso Pluma surrounded by police sparks rumors of an arrest

The intrigue behind Peso Pluma's new clip, with a surprise guest appearance by local law enforcement caused a social media storm.

Peso Pluma has become the Mexican singer of the moment, so all his movements and statements have become very relevant. This time it was thanks to a video he shared on his networks, which immediately went viral, as he was observed surrounded by many police officers.

In American Post News, we have informed you that the singer Peso Pluma recently released two songs that have become the most listened to, repeating his success in recent months since the release of “Ella baila sola.”

Before this, the singer shared a clip showing the behind-the-scenes of one of his official video clips. However, the detail that stole the attention was the presence of several policemen, was he arrested?

Is Peso Pluma in legal trouble?

Peso Pluma
Video of Peso Pluma surrounded by cops goes viral.

Through his Instagram account, Peso Pluma shared behind the scenes of his video clip “Bye,” where he shared credits with the influencer, Dania Méndez. However, the detail that stole all eyes is that in a part of the clip, the presence of a large number of police is observed, and even the surprised singer indicates that he has not done anything illegal:

“State police? The singer says there is no crime here, no more me.” However, despite the clip’s euphoria, everything seems to indicate that they are watching out for the production, who are recording abroad.

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Let’s remember that the song “Bye” unleashed great furor since it was released amid strong rumors that the new girlfriend of Peso Pluma is Dania Méndez, the model in the clip.

Who is Peso Pluma, and what does he sing?

Peso Pluma
Peso Pluma rose to fame thanks to corridos tumbados

The 23-year-old Mexican singer, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, has achieved great success thanks to corridos tumbados.

The singer Peso Pluma became famous with this name, which he chose because of his slim build and his fanaticism for THC feathers.