Video: Poncho de Nigris’s physical fight with Sergio Mayer during La Casa de Los Famosos

These beloved members of the reality show have been in the spotlight after a fight, one of those involved is Sergio Mayer.

Two of the most beloved characters in “La Casa de los Famosos” are Wendy Guevara, who has established herself as the first trans woman to appear in a national television program. On the other hand, one of the men who has presented the greatest fanaticism is Poncho De Nigris, who has now been in the spotlight after he starred in a fight with another famous contestant.

The moment of high tension developed between the influencer from Monterrey and the singer, actor, and politician Sergio Mayer, when both fought with blows and even applied submission keys with the intention of exerting the greatest physical power over each other and thus proving to be the winner of the conflict.

Poncho de Nigris and Sergio Mayer starred in this controversial moment. Photo: Capture LCDLFMX
Poncho de Nigris and Sergio Mayer starred in this controversial moment. Photo: Capture LCDLFMX

They fought during La Casa de Los Famosos.

A video circulating on social networks shows the exact moment in which both representatives of this reality show begin to confront each other physically. De Nigris immediately lunges at Mayer to throw him on a sofa.

Immediately, the father of “Ponchito” uses the strength of his arms and legs to subdue the former deputy of Mexico, who, after a couple of struggles, manages, little by little, to impose his strength against the influencer, despite being on top of Sergio, ends up being the one who remains motionless after the singer grabs him by the neck and does not let go, because to release him you can hear him asking: “Tell me you love me.”

At this moment, when Mayer asks his partner to kiss him, the picture can be clarified. Although it is not clear the reason or trigger for which both artists began to confront each other, it is evident that it is a fictitious conflict. Although the force exerted on each other is real, the truth is that it is not intended to hurt each other, but rather a matter of oyster force, as we know that both artists are lovers of the fitness world and healthy lifestyle.

There were previous conflicts.

It is to be remembered that in the past, after knowing he was at risk of becoming the sixth eliminated of “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico,” Poncho de Nigris got into the room of hell severely upset and began to claim several things. At that moment, Sergio Mayer tried to calm him down so as not to harm the group.

Mayer told his partner not to do anything that would hurt the group, and after listening to his partner’s request, Poncho expressed his anger even more and questioned him why he would not let him vent with his partners.

The celebrities submitted with force. Photo: Capture LCDLFMX
The celebrities submitted with force. Photo: Capture LCDLFMX

Already out of his mind, Sergio Mayer told the influencer that he could vent and express his feelings, but not with them. The actor was adamant that Poncho de Nigris’ statements could directly affect “Team Infierno”: “Let off steam, but not with us,” Sergio replied and later received the response from the influencer: “What am I saying to you or what?”, leaving in evidence the friction between the two.