Video: Pope Francis says he “needs a shot of tequila” to ease his knee pain

Pope Francis has presented mobility problems.

Photo: ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP / Getty Images

Pope Francis joked Tuesday that he “needs a shot of tequila” to help with his knee pain.

Francisco, 85 years old, has had mobility problems and has been forced to use a wheelchair after straining ligaments in his right knee for several months.

A viral clip online shows Pope Francis riding in his famous popemobile in St. Peter’s Square when he stops near a group of Mexican seminarians from the Legion of Christ who ask him in their native Spanish how his knee is doing.

Here is the video of Pope Francis:

After he responded that he was “capricious,” Francis was told that they admired his ability to smile despite pain and that he was an example for future priests like them.

“Do you know what I need for my knee?” Francisco asked them from the popemobile. “A little tequila.”

The seminarians laughed and promised to deliver a bottle to him at the Santa Marta hotel where Francisco lives.

Pope Francis, in a wheelchair, attends an audience with pilgrims from Filippini Professors of Religion in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. (Photo: EFE/Riccardo Antimiani)

Limits on his mobility have prompted a predictable round of media speculation about his health and a future conclave, but a close aide recently said the pope is “better than ever” and receiving two hours of physical therapy a day.

“He is in very good health and with the same lucid reflection as always,” the bishop of La Plata, Argentina, Víctor Manuel Fernández, tweeted on May 14 after seeing the Pope.

“(He has) a problem in one of his knees, but every day he has more than two hours of rehabilitation, which is paying off. For everything else, she is better than ever.”

Francis recently pulled out of a planned two-day trip to Lebanon next month, citing a knee problem, but the Vatican has confirmed he will travel to Congo and South Sudan, as well as Canada, in July.

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