VIDEO: Pregnant Tennessee teen is disappointed to find out the sex of her baby

The gender reveal parties (reveal parties) have become a tradition in the world, as it is the celebration where future parents announce the sex from his baby.

Without a doubt, it is a moment of happiness and togetherness: however, a young pregnant woman caused outrage when she agreed to feel disappointed when she learned the gender of her future child.

Through a video on your TikTok account, nicole shamlinfrom Tennesseewas happy and fulfilled during her second baby’s gender reveal party.

And it is that in the first part of the visual the woman and her partner look happy after the expulsion of a device with blue confetti, revealing that the creature is a boy.

However, in the rest of the video the woman is seen crying in his bedaccepting to be sad because he wanted a girl and not a second son.

“What everyone saw at our gender reveal,” it reads at the time of the gender reveal. “Me later that night lamenting the fact that I’m still not going to have my baby girl. “How can I love another boy? Will I be replacing my first son? How can I love two children? ”, She expressed deeply broken.

Comments from viewers of this clip poured in quickly, some showing their support for the act of sincerity he had: “I love how you show the real truth behind things that many people dismiss”, “I definitely understand the sentiment” and “You are not alone, I was crying for hours… I promise you will be fine.”

But there were also negative reactions asking the woman that sex is the least important thing when it comes to a baby, since the main thing is that it is born healthy.

“I’m sure there are plenty of moms who would take that boy off your hands! Therapy also works wonders!”, was one of the most forceful.

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