Video: “Pure four letters, up the brave!”, CJNG gains ground on rivals

CJNG advances in Tierra Caliente.

Photo: Screenshots taken from the video by @DeIntelligencia / Courtesy

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) gained ground on the United Cartels that is disputing the towns near the municipality of Eaglein the state of Michoacanwhere did he born hood Nemesio Oseguera Cervantesaliases the Mencho. Michoacán is the bone of contention between Oseguera Cervantes, and his CJNG; Y Viagras, the strap and the New Michoacan Family, groups that make up the United Cartels, according to the Mexican government. According to a video spread on social networks, in which a armed command of the Jaliscos exhibit their power, they have already arrived in the community of The volantin.

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The 53-second video recording shows 25 assassins from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, showing off their long weapons and bulletproof vests with the acronym CJNG that correspond to said criminal organization: “We arrived at the Volantín and we are not leaving… Pure four letters… Up the brave!”, shout the gunslingers.

Apparently, the assassins are under the command of three regional chiefs identified as delta 1, M2 Y magueywho seek to reach the town of Saint Joseph of Graceterritory of his former allies of the saw birds. It should be noted that in that same town there was a slaughter at the beginning of 2022, for a revenge between both factions.

Previously, Mexican media announced that Mencho and his regional bosses were planning to send drones with explosives to launch an offensive against the enemy cartels in the war waged by the CJNG and the United Cartels for the Tierra Caliente region.

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