Video reveals how Octavio Ocaña asked his mother-in-law for the hand of Nerea Godínez

Just in June of this 2021, four months before dying, the actor Octavio Ocaña asked for the hand of Nerea Godínez in marriage to his mother-in-law, who gladly accepted the union of the couple despite the fact that the 22-year-old looked extremely nervous.

The relationship that the couple had looked very solid and although it is said that she was a few years older than him, they got along very well and managed to have good communication, as they let it be seen on all social networks, where they always they saw enjoying life.

When the tragic death of the actor became known, Nerea took center stage and many people wondered who is Octavio’s girlfriend, whom he would marry on January 10, 2022, according to what the family confirmed to AmericanPost.News, being precisely said young woman.

Octavio Ocaña asked for the hand of Nerea Godínez

The couple got engaged in June of this year The actor died in the State of Mexico

According to what is seen in the video that Nerea shared, Benito is seen extremely nervous and asking between stuttering for the hand of his girlfriend, with whom he had already lived for several months and sharing the son she had before meeting him.

“I really like your daughter, I love her too much. I want to ask you, if you authorize us, please, we ask for your hand from the lady to marry her ”.

He also asked him to please be present on the wedding day, as it was a very important event in his life and that of his girlfriend.

“So you asked my mother for my hand, all tender and nervous !! We almost all cried that day !! In the end we had an incredible time. I LOVE YOU, ”Godínez wrote when he published the video.

Nerea Godínez’s social networks were closed as a result of the attacks that the young woman receives from hundreds of users who accuse her of being one of the causes of the actor’s death, which is why she created another Instagram account where she continues following up on the case.

What really happened with Octavio Ocaña?

The actor died in the State of Mexico

Last Friday, October 29, the actor who is a member of the Neighbors series, lost his life after being shot in the head during a police chase in the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico.

According to what was determined in the authorities’ version, it is stated that he himself shot himself while driving, but the new investigations contradict all of the above.

After the tragedy, Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend spoke of the actor’s supposed inheritance and denied that her son was the beneficiary of everything, because at 22, she never thought that he would die so young.

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