VIDEO: Salma Hayek makes an unexpected request to Bárbara de Regil to improve her life and this is how the actress responded

One of the most popular Hispanic actresses in the world is undoubtedly Salma Hayek, and therefore every comment or post you make is news. On this occasion, within the framework of her new film in which she is participating and which Salma is also producing, she coincided with her compatriot, Barbara of Regilwho assured that the Hollywood actress asked him to put on an exercise routine.

During an interview with ‘Ventaneando’, Bárbara de Regil said that it has been very pleasant to work with the Mexican actress who has shone in films such as ‘El Callejón de los Milagros’ and ‘House of Gucci’.

Not only did I get to meet her, but she told me to put a routine on her.”said Bárbara de Regil, who constantly shares a bit of her daily training on social networks.

The protagonist of ‘Rosario Tijeras’ assured that she gladly accepted the actress’s requestadding that he even offered to pay her ticket if Salma invited her to his luxurious mansion in Los Angeles.

In relation to the film entitled ‘I want your life’, where he shares credits with Natalia Téllez, Zuria Vega and Erik Elías, Bárbara de Regil announced that she still does not know when it will be released, although apparently they have already finished filming.

When questioned about one of the last photographs that she uploaded to her Instagram account, in which you can see some of the stretch marks that the actress has on her abdomenBárbara de Regil assured that the fact of showing herself as she was was not an easy process.

De Regil also took the opportunity to confess that many times he photoshopped his photographs so that the orange peel on his abdomen was not visible to his followers.

Nevertheless, Over time, the actress learned to accept herself as she is, which she demonstrates day by day on social networks.where he continually shares messages of self-love and acceptance with his followers.

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