VIDEO: Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez serenades his wife with a few extra drinks

The Mexican boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez gathered several celebrities for his big New Years party 2022, in which He was accompanied by figures such as Max Verstappen, the F1 champion driver, who celebrated with “Canelo”, demonstrating the great friendship that unites them.

The athletes offered a first-rate party in which tequila, the regional Mexican music, was not lacking.. In the videos that circulate on social networks, it is observed that the celebration was not only in a big way, but it was also very fun. thanks to the rhythms of Mexican and Latin music that played all night.

During the celebration, “Canelo” Álvarez He took the microphone to dedicate a song to his wife Fernanda Gómez: “My love, my beautiful, my princess, there is a song that I want to sing to you my life. Maria, I want to dedicate you … “.

In the videos you can see that the ‘Canelo’ brings a few more drinks while calling his wife Fernanda, who does not appear in the video. Then he begins to sing the first verse of the song ‘El Primer Tonto’ by Los Cardenales de Nuevo León. Later, Max Verstappen takes the microphone to shout with the ‘Canelo’: “Let’s fu … party!”

You can hear the guests at the ‘Canelo’ Álvarez party shouting in excitement, as they continue with the celebration. Although the boxer could no longer finish the song dedicated to his wife Fernanda Gómez.

It is not the first time that Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez is seen in an inconvenient state. In recent days, the videos of his participation in the inn went viral, businessman Carlos Bremer, in which it is observed that Lucerito goes up on stage to stop and interrupt the show to declare his love in front of everyone present.

Fernanda Gómez conquers the networks

The boxer’s spouse She is originally from Jalisco, and this time she surprised her followers again on the famous digital platform, this after she shared a photograph in which she is seen enjoying a moment of rest and, as she wrote, she is in Miami.

In the image you can see the wife of “Canelo” showing off her slender and stylized figure with a blue-hued bikini with red and white details, which she combined with a simple white round-neck blouse with buttons at the front.

With this look, Gomez confirms her beauty, as she did a few weeks ago on the cover of a magazine, and makes it clear that when it comes to attracting attention, she is one of the favorites on social networks.

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