Video: Security footage captures La Coruña laundry customer avoiding fatal explosion by mere 10 seconds

The footage shows the man leaving the premises with clothes just a few seconds before an accident, which could have been fatal, occurred

Literally, 10 seconds were the difference for a man in Spain to be the victim of an accident with all the signs of being fatal.

A video captured by a security camera placed inside a laundry in La Coruña has gone viral on social networks. It shows the good fortune of a customer who left the premises shortly before something unexpected happened.

According to the ABC newspaper, the events occurred on March 14, and the images show a man leaving the laundry, carrying 3 bags of clothes that he had washed in this place, without knowing what would happen next.

Just 10 seconds after the man walked out the door, an explosion occurred inside the laundry, apparently caused by a short circuit in one of the washing machines.

According to the report given by the fire department, the fire occurred because a customer left in a garment a lighter recharger that he put into one of the dryers of the laundry. The images show how the dryer closest to the window explodes and how the shock wave bursts the windows.

Fortunately, the incident did not cause any structural damage to the place and much less any injured person since the man who came out seconds before was the only one inside the store.