Video: Sergio “Checo” Pérez broke down in tears while the Mexican anthem played after winning the Monaco GP

Sergio Perez became Mexico’s first pilot to win the Monaco Grand Prix and could not hold back the tears when he heard “Mexicans, the cry of war” on the podium. “Checo” broke down in tears at a moment that will go down in the history of Mexican sports.

While the anthem of Mexico sounded, the man from Guadalajara was more excited than ever. It is the highest honor you could receive after a career. The Mexican flag was at the top… and all thanks to his spectacular career.

It was a dream come true, as Pérez himself pointed out after the celebration.

A dream come true, so many years dreaming of this victory and today it came. To celebrate Mexico, I carry you all in my heart. Excellent work“ Perez exclaimed through Twitter after achieving the third victory of his F1 career.

Mexico is very well represented in F1.

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