Video: Sinaloa Cartel hitman recorded himself firing machine gun and ended up dead

Sicario of the Sinaloa Cartel recorded himself firing a machine gun and ended up dead.

Photo: Video capture Elblogdelosgua1 / Courtesy

A subject identified as The Wigs of the drug trafficking group Gente Nueva del Cazador, armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), and who allegedly recorded himself firing high-caliber weapons in the desert of the border state of Sonora, was shot to death.

In the scenes prior to his death, of which there is no exact date or place in which they were recorded The Hunter’s New People Wigs, he showed off his skills with heavy-caliber weapons and is even seen firing a kind of machine gun towards nothing.

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Image that contrasts with the photograph in which he is seen lifeless as he was executed by hitmen last week in the state of Sonora while driving his vehicle.

Gente Nueva del Cazador, armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel

It is not the first time that controversial videos of the group known as Gente Nueva del Cazador, armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel because in September of this year, elements of the National Guard (GN) of Mexico They were in front of alleged members of said criminal group, however the agents let them flee, as can be seen in a video that circulated on social networks.

Four guys with long guns, bulletproof vests and fragmentation grenades They were recorded at the time of shouting at the agents on an area known as Federal Highway 2, who only observed them from a distance and indicated with their hands that they could leave as if nothing had happened.

Hey, hey, all good compa“The gunmen shouted at the elements of the National Guard aboard an official van parked a few steps away.

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